Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you or someone in your family is a patient at the Haugen Medical Clinic, we do not have to tell you how fortunate you are. Many people are without a family doctor today, and our local physicians have long wait lists for new patients. Fewer and fewer doctors today want to set up a family practice; this is a problem in nearly every community across the country.

We are very fortunate to have a family practice with 5 physicians working out of the Armstrong office and providing care for over 6,400 local patients as well as approximately 80 residents at PV Manor.

Here are some questions we are often asked:

How are you funded?

Our income comes from donations, fundraising, membership fees and the occasional grant. Most of our income is by cash donations from our local citizens and businesses that believe in helping us keep our doctors.

Do you provide tax receipts?

Yes, we are a registered charity with CRA, and all donations over $20 will be provided with a tax receipt.

Why don't the doctors pay all the rent?

They do contribute to the rent, but we cover most of it as an incentive to retain our doctors and attract new ones when needed.

Our physicians in Armstrong are at a disadvantage compared to those in Enderby and Salmon Arm because those physicians earn up to an additional $20,000 annually from MSP as an incentive for working in a rural community. Because of Armstrong’s proximity to Vernon, our doctors are not eligible for these incentives.

We have also learned that pharmacies in some communities highly subsidize medical clinics.

Why isn’t Interior Health (IH) running this facility and paying our doctors an incentive?

We asked the same question years ago and were told that IH does not consider our community a rural community because we are too close to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Thus, the reason our organization was started.

If I donate, does that mean I can see a local doctor?

No. We cannot link donations to helping an individual get a family doctor.

Are you giving money to the doctors?

No. The rent we pay is given directly to the owner of the building, the landlord.